Teti Charitou

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With its unique designs and masterly sewing, Teti Charitou exclusive tailor-shop represents elegance and timeless style.


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Teti Charitou expressed her love about haute couture and high fashion from a very early age. After completing her studies in ASOEE, she continued her studies in England for her Master’s Degree in Public Relations. When she returned to Greece and after having worked successfully as an entrepreneur, her passion and zeal for fashion were the driving force for her to continue her studies at Veloudakis Fashion School.

This was actually the beginning of her professional career in the world of fashion. Since 2014, she creates minimal chic collections,  in her personal atelier at Kolonaki, where classic design meets the biggest fashion trends.


“Nothing can be compared to the feeling that a bespoke article of clothing, leaves on you.”


The high quality materials combined with the high fashion lines, guarantees you the unique feeling of a bespoke handcrafted creation.

All the collections are mostly handcrafted, made of high quality materials, such as silk and lace, and are entirely produced in Greece.


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Photos: A. Yiamouris 

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