Alisa in Nidodileda

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The tropical beauty of Alisa Belochkina meets the ANACES collection by Nidodileda.

Lost in the secret magic of Thailand, the bohemian queen posed with some of Nidodileda’s Spring / Summer 2018 masterpieces.


alisa belochkina nidodileda myholydays 1alisabelochkina nidodileda myholydays 7


The new collection by Nidodileda is dedicated to free-spirited youthfulness and draws inspiration from the constellation of Dioscuri, who were given the regal epithet ‘Anaces’ on account of their guarding and caring attributes and the appearance of their twin stars in the heavens. They can be identified as beardless youths, usually naked, with bodies of perfect and athletic proportions.


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The silk fabrics adorned with prints, the divine lux-lace maxi dresses and ethereal floral gowns by Nidodileda go hand in hand with Alisa's gypsy soul while the linen tops uplift feminity and the unique embroidered bottoms reveal an aristocratic essence for every woman.


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alisa belochkina nidodileda myholydays 8


''The values and dreams of Nidodileda revolve around the essence of freedom; the clothes cares the body and enhance femininity; the brand philosophy urges and inspires women to explore, laugh-out-loud, and flourish while enjoying every moment!''


Styling: artphangan

Photo: photophangan


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