Kouros Dios

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Baroque aesthetics, vintage essence and androgynous looks that fascinate.

Nidodileda's new collection <<Kouros Dios>> Autumn / Winter 2018 is inspired by women's mysterious side and highlights their enigmatic nature through timeless creations with dramatic elements and special details.


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''Kouros Dios'' is enhanced by intense dramatic elements, embroidery and top quality lace that draw us into a seductive and mysterious journey with retro aesthetics. The aristocratic line of this new collection follows all creations; from the velvet and vegan leather pants to Nidodileda's signature outerwear pieces in black, gold, silver and burgundy. The top dresses made of cupro combine the feel of silk with the warmth of cotton and the embroidered accessories with luminous metallic elements highlight the entire collection.


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According to Dante, Nidodileda means 'Leda's Nest' and is the constellation of twins. According to Greek mythology, it is the story of the Dioscuri, the twins of Zeus and the mistress of Leda, Castor and Polyhedra, who, as a reward of the brotherly love they displayed on earth, became stars in the sky.


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Photographer: Mara Desipris

Model: Anastasia Peraki, Tonia & Nadia Mitroudi




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