Theodora Kounakis

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More than your eyes can see...

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Theodora Kounakis, was born in 1983, at the island of Rhodes, in Greece and she is one of the owners of Kounakis Jewels & Watches, where you can find her beautiful creations.

After finishing, her studies in designing jewels, she continued at the University of Clothing Designing & Production.

At 2010, she graduated from the St Martins in London, after finishing her studies in Fashion Follio and since then she designs one of a kind jewelry, closely related to the medieval times .


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We met Theodora Kounakis, at the 4th Bridal Fashion Week, where she introduced the 'Roses of Rhodes', her first engagement rings, designed exclusively for the bridal house of George Vorreas.

Inspired by the history and the island of Rhodes, her style is modern and minimal with hidden symbols.

In her new collection, you will find erotic signs within medieval objects.


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Theodora's vision is to create personalized jewels that will remain forever as a precious souvenir, from Rhodes.

Don't miss the open party at Kounakis Pesavento Store, at the 6th of June!

Photos: Angeliki Hristof


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