Peonies in Weddings

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Peonies have been growing in large bushes in Eastern gardens for over 4,000 years and are known for their medicinal uses.

Two opposing myths with contradicting meanings, are related to them. The first comes from the Greek mythology, where Paeon (God’s physician) angered his teacher Asclepius (God of medicine and healing) by extracting a milky liquid from the root of a peony that cured Pluto. Asclepius threatened to kill Paeon out of jealousy because he was outsmarting his teacher but Zeus saved him by turning him into a beautiful flower, the peony. Another myth links the name peony back to a nymph named Paeonia whose beauty attracted the attention of Apollo. Aphrodite turned her into a peony and that’s what led to the flower’s meaning of poor luck in the Victorian age.


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Peonies are also commonly used in weddings and christenings. From the bridal bouquet to the wedding decoration, peonies seem to upgrade every event with their true elegance and their lovely floral scent. Use them on your wedding day as they regarded as a symbol of grace, beauty, good fortune, wealth and happy marriage.


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Take your wedding treats to the next level too with customized peony wedding cupcakes in different shapes and styles that will definitely impress your wedding guests.


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