Spring Spirit

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''Better is a dinner of herbs where love is...''
Proverbs 15:17

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A herb themed bridal inspiration by Lefkada Photo, will travel us to the Fields of Agrothen, in the hidden valley of Alexandros village.


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‘At this time of year the hillsides flourish with green plants and herbs such as wild sage and thyme, their fragrant smells scenting the air as you walk by. Inspired by these colors and scents, we decided to create a shoot that brings to life the spirit of spring in Greece, showcasing the romance of the rural side of the island of Lefkada we both love.’


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A dinner of two filled with rosemary and wild celery, an organic Dent’elle dress in pale blue and the natural beauty of Lefkada, create this so romantic wedding tale.


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Photos: Lefkada Photo

Decoration: Claire Salisbury

Furniture: Redesign, Evie Rompola

Venue: By kind permission of Aspasia and family of Agrothen

Dress: dent’elle

Herbs: Agrothen

Bouquet and wreath: Gourioti flowers

Cake: Cookika, Aggeliki Kalamboka

Make-up: Evi Billis

Hair: Maria Masoura

Wedding invitation graphic design: Eszter Molnar

Fabrics (linen): Ammos Lefkada

Model: Thalia-Eve Murphy Campbell


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