Floral Christening

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We know that you love flowers, but did you know that kids love them too?

Spring is in the air with the new christening sets for boys and girls, designed by Greek designer Vivian Chatzeli for Vinte liFeel free to explore it!


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The new collection comes with a huge variety of comfy baptismal clothing, handmade accessories and matched outfits for boys and girls.

The new floral christening dress by Vinte li for the baby girls and the colorful baptismal outfit for our stylish baby boys are two of our favorites for 2019. If you have twins, you can make a garden of flowers by getting both!


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We love it when parents match their kids outfits, so Vinte li, designed for mums and dads too!

Visit your nearest Vinte li store, choose your favorite style and bring out your baby’s personality. This will make him feel grown up and just like you!


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