Gingerbread House Day

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Gather the family together, bake up some gingerbread and start building you own gingerbread house. My Holy Day, 12th of December we celebrate family’s favorite holiday – Gingerbread House Day.

Gingerbread have been brought to Europe by an Armenian monk, named Gregory of Nicopolis. French Christians where taught how to bake it on its way to Europe around 13th century, where it was commonly used in religious ceremonies. From the 17th century, gingerbread was sold in pharmacies and monasteries in England, as it was taught to have medicinal properties. 


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Slowly it became popular to paint the cookies and use them as window decorations as well. The tradition of making decorated gingerbread houses started in Germany in the early 1800’s. According to researchers, the first gingerbread houses were the result of the Grimm’s fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, the well-known fairy tale, recorded by the Brothers Grimm. In modern times the tradition has continued in certain places in Europe. In Germany, the Christmas markets still sell decorated gingerbread before Christmas.


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Event planner Soultana Petreli shares some Christmas inspiration with us, right from her bridal store Vintage by Soultana Petreli in Athens, Greece. Her handmade gingerbread Christmas tree and her vintage style inspiration of Hansel and Gretel,  make us feel the presence of a happy family wrapped up in each other, celebrating the Christmas season with lots of love!


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This Christmas make your own gingerbread cookies and if you’re feeling ambitious and confident try to make your gingerbread house. Use your creativity!

After you’ve decorated your gingerbread, the members of the family can exchange cookies or hung them up on the Christmas tree as decorations.




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