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A new era begins for Costantino

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Kalioppe Perraki, specializes in lace & embroidery,since 1989 and she creates one of a kind, perfect shaped, haute couture bridal gowns, in her atelier at the center of Athens.

Marianna and Fay, Kalliope’s daughters, after finishing their studies in Textiles, Design and Pattern & Fashion Design Management, they now complete the team of Costantino with their amazing new designs and the bridal trends that they launch.


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By following the biggest bridal trends, Costantino bridal dresses stand out because of their unique designs and their top quality.

All dresses are made in Greece, are handmade, hand crafted and hand beaded, by the top seamstresses.


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If you're getting married, don't miss to book an appointment.

We guarantee that you will find your perfect dress.


Photos: Angeliki Hristoff


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